The F*** It Philosophy

If you feel like you really wish you could just pack up all your worries, anxieties and insecurities and dump them off a bridge somewhere well now is the time to give the “F*ck It” philosophy a go.

Maybe it’s because I am getting on a bit now but I find myself giving less and less f*cks about what others think and have so much more respect for my own opinion, more now than I ever have and boy does it feel good.

Like myself, many moons ago, I’m sure you’ve had way too many days when you dip into that zone where you really cared way too much about what other people think? I know for sure I’ve definitely gave far too many f*cks about medial and pointless grievances, that usually ended up snowballing into a desperate search for more crap to worry or get annoyed about.

The “F*ck It” philosophy frees you up from worries and overthinking but only if you are willing to at least try to embrace that part of you. The voice in you the pushes you to go with your gut instinct rather overthinking and creating a problem that doesn’t really exist.

Try on the “F*ck It” Philosophy for size, even just a for one day. Allow yourself to put down the needless worrying and push more towards your braver side. For the over thinkers out there I can hear you now “that’s easy for you to say, you’ve not go this to deal with or that going on” … I do hear you and I do understand you’ve got your hurdles to get over but we’ve all got our baggage, just try sitting yours down for a minute or two and just going for it.

When you hear yourself starting to worry over something medial or petty say to yourself “F*ck It, that’s not worth it!“. Get things back into perspective and put your energy into doing something good instead of wasting it dwelling on something bad.

Not only that, use the “F*ck It” Philosophy to get more involved in anything interesting or fun that’s going on … this will help you smash your way out your comfort zone and you will finally realise that whatever was holding you back was never actually going to kill you after all!

Free yourself up to do what you please without the fear of being slagged off … because “F*ck It, it doesn’t matter what they think anyway!” … the ones that do matter should be loving you for being a braver version of yourself anyway.

I’m not saying to be lazy with it, that won’t get you anywhere. What I’m saying is free yourself up from caring what others think so much and go do what you actually want to do.

Tap in to your go-getting side (which might be deeply buried at this point by the way) that doesn’t care about failing and just be happy that you are out there trying in the first place.

If you’re stuck in your usual reserved mindset you might not pick up the phone to chase down a good opportunity or take action to get something good planned or achieved because of some sort of niggling fear over what others will think if, god forbid, you open your mouth or do something that they wouldn’t.

Go “All-In”, start pushing yourself out there a little bit more. It’s all about staying brave, not subsiding back into fear after a few failures.

When the fear of failure or ridicule becomes more powerful than your desire to do what you really want to do, which will happen all the time if you let it, you will recede back into that sad “Stuck Zone” where your thoughts over what others think is more important to you than what YOU think is the right thing for you. F*ck That Place!

Here are the obvious differences between Reserved / Serious Mood and F*ck It Mood. Honestly, from the below, what you would you rather be?

Serious Mood

  • Doesn’t get involved in much for fear of what others think.
  • Doesn’t take action for fear of failing or looking stupid.
  • Worries endlessly about things that “might” happen.
  • Only wears what they know they won’t get slagged off or abused for wearing.
  • Says what they think others want to hear.
  • Makes negative assumptions about what others think about them.
  • Dwells on frustrations and tells others about them.
  • Expects bad outcomes all the time.
  • Finds the negative in every situation to complain about.
  • Hides the person they really are to avoid others thinking they are weird, stupid or different.

F*ck It Mood

  • Does whatever they feel in their gut is right for them.
  • Gets involved without care of what others may think.
  • Takes action regardless, any progress is better than none at all – “Fortune Favours the Brave”.
  • Has faith that things will work out and makes the most of today.
  • Wears whatever they want, has no care of random people’s opinions.
  • Says what they believe in an honest fair way.
  • Makes positive assumptions that people can see their good qualities.
  • Expects good things to arrive.
  • Finds ways to somehow find enjoyment each and every day.
  • Embraces who they really are and wears it as a badge of honour for all to see.

We all have a conscious that sways you one way or the other, one that edges you on to take chances versus the one that convinces you to play safe … in all cartoons or films it’s the wee angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other.

All I’m saying is try replacing the devil on your shoulder with a wee mad, ambitious and adventurous go-getter and give the worrying, over-thinking Angel a nice break to recharge. Either that or get the Angel to man up a bit and be the voice that’s pushing you on, not the one that’s holding you back through fear.

Think of whatever has been annoying you or holding you back, is it REALLY worth giving a f*ck about? Really?

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