Minute Motivation – Laugh It Off

You don't have to rise to every annoyance you stumble across each day, you could actually take a deep breath, have a laugh to yourself and continue on with your day with a peaceful mind. You don't have to get angry at the slow driver, you don't have to get annoyed at not getting the … Continue reading Minute Motivation – Laugh It Off

Less Complaining

If you don't like something, stop complaining about it and take the actions required to change it! Not enough money? Get on the job search for one with better money, work extra hours, find a side income, sell unwanted stuff. There's always something you can do. Not happy with your house? your social calendar? your … Continue reading Less Complaining

Being Normal

Being a geek and being different has never been so accepted ... so let loose, relax and just be yourself. The more people that embrace their uniqueness the better and more entertaining the world will be. Go for it!! 😁❤️🤪 Social Media: Blog: BestYouProject.com Twitter: @BestYouProject Gravatar: @ScottyJHam Facebook: BestYouProject Instagram: @BestYouProject