What Would Your Younger Self Think?

Recently while I was watching the witty “8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown” show Johnny Vegas read out a poem (in what is meant to be a funny segment) which actually turned out to be a heartfelt, touching poem and in it at one point he notes how his child self would see him now.

This got me thinking of what my younger self would actually think of the life I’ve created. I had a bit of fun with that thought, thinking back about what I was like and my plans back then, and it was really nice thinking back to what my younger self would’ve set as priorities and where I measure up to what that version of me would think.

This is a really great exercise and one I would recommend you try and here’s why:

  • It might increase your appreciation of what you have now as you realise you’ve surpassed what your younger self could’ve ever imagined.
  • It might help build your confidence as you remember everything you’ve been through and achieved.
  • It might wake you up to some old goals and dreams that you had as a kid that you forgot all about.
  • It might remind you of some old important things you used to do back then and should still be doing now but due to life they’ve simply slid down the priority list that you might want to get some focus back on.
  • It might be the kick up the backside you’ve been needing to clean up your act and become the person you always wanted to be.
  • Either way, it’s worth five minutes of your time to see if “Little You” would be proud of you for the person you have become.

The Wee Me Technique

Take a minute or two to have a think now of what your younger self would think of the person you have become and the life you have created. Write it down if that helps, to give you the perspective you need to appreciate the life you have or push you to go after the things your younger self dreamed of.  Ask yourself  this, as a kid:

  • What did you enjoying doing? Should you be doing more of this now?
  • What did you dream of?
  • What did you want to become when you were older?
  • What would you think of your career choice?
  • Would you be happy with how you spend your free time now?
  • Would you respect how you act now?

This is a good measuring stick and might even be a confidence booster, give it a try.

If you want to see the video that inspired this Positive Mindset perspective, check out the below video.

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