Don’t Grow Up

When we were young we were all full of excitement and dreams, anything seemed possible and our imaginations had the freedom to run wild. As we grow though the environment around us wears us down, we’re told over and over what’s possible and what’s not possible. What we should be doing and what we shouldn’t… Read More Don’t Grow Up

Free eBook – The Top 200 Secrets of Success

Never complain. Be known as a positive, strong, energetic and enthusiastic person. Someone
who complains, is cynical and always looks for the negative in everything, will scare people away and
rarely will succeed at anything. From a purely psychological viewpoint, things are always created
twice: once in the mind and then in reality. Focus on the positive. Be so mentally tough that nothing
takes you off your planned course to success. Visualize and firmly believe in what you want. It will
most certainly come true.… Read More Free eBook – The Top 200 Secrets of Success