Stand Out

Why waste your time trying to blend in when we were all genetically made to stand out? Embrace that you’re different, it means you’re being authentic and not having to copy others. Being yourself instead of following the crowd can be a lonely journey at times but for your own self-worth and fulfillment it’s the […]

The Right Team

If you don’t like your current job you need to find new ways to enjoy it or you need to find somewhere different to work. You spend far too much time at work to be miserable there! #ateam #career #choices #fulfillment #fun #lifeisshort #makethebestofit #job #satisfaction #responsibility #choices #quickhacks #bestyouproject #Hannibal #howlinmad #ba #face #loveitwhenaplancomestogether […]

First eBook Published

Well folks it’s been a long, long time coming but my first short Quick Hack eBook is online and ready to view. It’s a simple guide to a happier life, kept as short and concise as possible to cut straight to the point. It can be found under the Resources page of the Best You […]

Excuses or Results

Before you can achieve anything of real substance you’re going to have to step out of your pity party, lose your blame game and ditch the negativity. Complaining all the time will get you nowhere! Start looking for solutions instead of dwelling on the problems. Take action to fix things instead of just talking about […]

Don’t Grow Up

When we were young we were all full of excitement and dreams, anything seemed possible and our imaginations had the freedom to run wild. As we grow though the environment around us wears us down, we’re told over and over what’s possible and what’s not possible. What we should be doing and what we shouldn’t […]

Choose You!

You know all those people, the ones that you’re worrying about what they think about what you’re doing, how you are acting, what you’re wearing or how you’re living your life’? … Well most of them don’t care about any of those things, in truth probably around 90% aren’t even really paying attention to what you’re doing. […]

Schools Back!!!

As much as we all love our kids I’d imagine many parents will be delighted tomorrow to get the kids back to school and back into routine. During an especially wet summer here in sunny Scotland I’m sure there’s many a parent that have endured more than a few eventful days as boredom and cabin […]

Slow Down

We all rush from task to task, from chore to chore, from one thing to the next… rarely stopping to look up and remember just how amazing life can be. We all do it, it’s the nature of life and the busyness we live in… but if you want to live a happy life with […]

Our offer of FREE Promotion of YOUR blog or website?

The opportunity to get BYP to Promote YOUR blog for FREE! Our team here at the Best You Project believe in supporting each other and we’re offering you the chance (for free) to get some of our support as well. Here’s the deal, if you copy the address of one of your posts into the […]

When The Time Is Right

Sometimes it can look like all hope is lost, like you’re never going to get there but you have to keep believing that somehow, some way everything you ever dreamed of will arrive at exactly the right time it was supposed to. Inspired by one of my all time heroes and the new 2017 Masters […]