The Impact of the SJH Mindset Workbook

Back in February I ran a Positive Mindset Workshop in Darvel where I shared my Positive Mindset Workbook. Only a couple of people turned up but I am delighted to report back that a few weeks ago one of the attendees got in touch to tell me that thanks to this Workbook she has built up enough confidence to go back to college, saying without this workshop she wouldn’t have had the confidence to go for it.

She also told me that using the quick daily techniques she has greatly improved her mood and feeling so much happier.

This workbook can be completed by anyone, you don’t even need to print it off. All you need to do is have a read through it and pick a couple of the techniques that suit you then stick with them. These exercises only take up 10 or 15 minutes of your day and bring you confidence, resilience and a positive outlook on life.

Please share this with anyone else you know that might want to grow their confidence or learn some useful techniques to grow their mental strength and create a positive mindset.

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