Family Mindset Magic

Here’s 2 simple fun techniques that will help create a family full of good finders. They can be included in a simple daily ritual you do with your kids at bedtime, bath time, while eating dinner or whenever you guys can fit it in to your day.

These are tried and tested daily habits that will help your kids focus on the good in their life and build a little bit of appreciation for the life they have.

By doing both of these techniques for a sustained period of time you will not only build happier, healthier kids that have a new found focus on the good things in their life but you will also find out so much more about your kids lives that they would not normally share with you.

The Daily Best Bits

This can be done in a variety of ways but here’s the simplest. Go round the table or round the room taking turns to think up 1 good thing about the day. Do this so you all get to say a minimum of 5 things.

It doesn’t have to be big things, it just has to be something good to remind them that they do have good experiences every day and that even in a bad day there was still some good things happening.

It can be anything from having a nice meal, getting a treat from the shop, doing something fun with a friend to something big like them passing a test or winning an award.

Sometimes it will take them (and you) a bit of time to think back through what you’ve done in the last 24 hours so make sure you don’t rush them and let them find something themselves.

It may help to each take five minutes at the start to write them down. Waiting for everyone to finish writing theirs and then taking turns to read out your list.

If you do this every day, at any point of the day that suits you and your family (for a month at least) you will find by the end of the month not only are your kids more grateful for what they have and the things they do but that they will be much more positive approaching every situation.

Doing this you will also find yourself actively looking for good things throughout your day to tell your family about later.

The Daily Gratitude Lists

Very much like the Daily Best Bits, this time do the same technique each listing out 5 things you are grateful for. Give your family time to think up or write down 5 things they have in their life that they are grateful for. Take turns to read out your list or go round the family taking turns to say one at a time until you’ve all said your 5.

For the younger ones it’s sometimes easier explained as “Tell me something you are lucky to have … a toy, something you have (objects / possessions), something you are good at (skills), people in the family / friends (what about them is good), anything about your life that makes you feel good / lucky”.

The first few days or even week of this should be really simple and quick but after that everyone will have to get creative, that’s where the fun starts and where everyone will really start to identify just how lucky they are.

This reminds everyone in the family just how lucky you all are and you will clearly see improved mood levels and much more appreciative kids.

These are simple exercises that you can do with the full family or even individually with your kids, they will only take a matter of minutes to do each day and if you stick with them every day you really will help create a family full of good finders with positive mindsets.

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