Music – Don’t You Forget About Me (Acoustic )

Stumbled across this fantastic version of this old Simple Minds classic. Get that Friday Feeling and check this out. For some of our Healthy Mind techniques check out our blog at or find us on social media on Twitter : @BestYouProject , Facebook : @BestYouProject or Instagram :  @BestYouProject

Friendly Advice – Negative to Positive

This week a very good buddy of mine asked me how I’ve managed to build a positive attitude and from the coaching advice I gave him 2 or 3 key things stuck out that I thought would be worth sharing with anyone stuck in a rut. I told my friend that I am the way […]

Stand Out

Why waste your time trying to blend in when we were all genetically made to stand out? Embrace that you’re different, it means you’re being authentic and not having to copy others. Being yourself instead of following the crowd can be a lonely journey at times but for your own self-worth and fulfillment it’s the […]

Education Priorities Need To Change

I strongly believe that the time has come to give mental health a higher priority in Education with a different approach. Let’s teach our young ones and our teenagers to understand how their mind works and give them tools to help keep their mind healthy. If they have the foundation and tools to maintain a […]

Want Confidence? Take Action

Here’s a 2 week challenge for anyone that would like to build a little bit more confidence. Every morning before you leave the house take 5 minutes to write down 5 tasks or experiences you would like to achieve that day. Do this every morning for 2 weeks and do your best to complete each […]

The Right Team

If you don’t like your current job you need to find new ways to enjoy it or you need to find somewhere different to work. You spend far too much time at work to be miserable there! #ateam #career #choices #fulfillment #fun #lifeisshort #makethebestofit #job #satisfaction #responsibility #choices #quickhacks #bestyouproject #Hannibal #howlinmad #ba #face #loveitwhenaplancomestogether […]

First eBook Published

Well folks it’s been a long, long time coming but my first short Quick Hack eBook is online and ready to view. It’s a simple guide to a happier life, kept as short and concise as possible to cut straight to the point. It can be found under the Resources page of the Best You […]

Steve Mazan @ TEDx

This a very witty, enjoyable TEDx talk by comedian Steve Mazan at TEDx San Jose. Highly recommended if you’re looking for some enjoyable, inspirational viewing to pass 20 minutes. It’s Never too Late to Chase your Dreams. For some of our Healthy Mind techniques check out our blog at or find us on social media […]

Excuses or Results

Before you can achieve anything of real substance you’re going to have to step out of your pity party, lose your blame game and ditch the negativity. Complaining all the time will get you nowhere! Start looking for solutions instead of dwelling on the problems. Take action to fix things instead of just talking about […]