How to make your dream a reality!

Sometimes it can feel like there’s a whole list of “reasons” why you can’t fulfill your dream. Here’s how to get around that:

Write down all the reasons why you can’t and won’t be able to achieve your dream! All the problems that will stop you. Everything! Every excuse / reason / challenge that’s holding you back.

Now write the list of all the things you would have to do to overcome each and every problem. Everything you would need to overcome to reach your goal.

BOOM … you have your action plan!

All the challenges you have listed may take years to overcome but time will pass anyway, so you may as well start now and use the time you have to work towards your dream!

You can’t use the unemployment rates, the government or lack of jobs in your field as a definitive stopping block. All those things are out with your control. 

In fact, sorry, you could. You really could. Then you would have something to blame. And while you’re at it you may as well blame all other things out with your control … just blame the economy, your company, the weather, your upbringing … everything else except blaming yourself.

Blame all those external forces for every problem you have instead of taking responsibility for your own life. Blame everyone else and settle on down for a life of frustration, settling for way less than you deserve. 

Meanwhile, someone else is getting one of those few jobs in your field that IS available, and someone else is building towards taking all the opportunities you want that ARE out there.

You could undoubtedly be building your career towards your number one goal … but that would involve taking responsibility for your own life, stepping out your own personal pity party and deciding to create your own winning story.

It’s a lot to ask but you owe it to yourself know and your future self to give it a go! To find that real top level fulfillment and happiness it’s the only option! 

DESPITE all the challenges you may have listed I fully believe that it will be possible. The question is, do you?

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