Know the Warning Signs

When your self-esteem is low you will sabotage your own body image and mind by doing a whole number of the damaging acts like the list below. You may not realise it straight away, which is why I’ve made up this list. 

Know your warning signs and if you see yourself starting to self-sabotage step in and take control.

Warning Signs of Low Self-Esteem

  • Eating badly
  • Not looking after yourself
  • Not rewarding yourself.
  • Not socialising
  • Not keeping up usual fitness regime
  • Not taking action – choosing to sit on the couch or look on internet rather than getting things done.
  • Wanting to just zone out to TV etc
  • Lack of energy / drive
  • Sabotaging your own dreams / plans
  • Making excuses constantly to avoid doing things
  • Overworking yourself / running yourself down

You’ll possibly eat what many know as sympathy food … which isn’t giving you any sympathy at all but instead causing more damage to your self-esteem and self-worth by adding more weight and a worse body image. The back part of your mind may by now be programmed to thinking you deserve to be overweight so you’re unknowingly punishing yourself to make sure you stay that way.

If you’re running yourself down, not getting enough sleep, overeating, avoiding exercises etc you are again punishing yourself. You may not want to admit it but you are giving up on yourself and actually unwittingly choosing to impair yourself rather than solving the problem. Your self-worth could be so low you don’t want to help yourself, you want to punish yourself.

Sitting on the couch when you should be doing some work, browsing social media when you could be doing something constructive, eating take aways when you could be cooking something fresh, staying in loathing your bad fortune when you could be out socialising with friends, zoning out to TV when you could be taking small actions towards completing one of your dreams … are all things that you may associate yourself with, many people do.

Lack of action can also sometimes be replaced with over working. When you’re run down and tired you may stay up watching junk on the TV instead of getting an early bed, or staying late at work working on low priority tasks when you could be home spending some good time with your family or friends, or making yourself get up extremely early to waste time on things that add no value to your life rather than giving yourself a long lie to recharge your batteries.

Have a look at how you treat yourself, if you are avoiding life by zoning out, being lazy, eating badly, taking no actions … or avoiding life by making yourself busy doing nothing of value, depriving yourself of sleep, depriving yourself of rewards … you need to realise you deserve better than that and that your self-esteem isn’t where it needs to be.

Someone with a healthy self-esteem gets up off the couch and takes action (going to gym, working around the house, keeping active) because they know they deserve to look their best, deserve to achieve things and consistently take action to make special things happen. They know sitting on the couch or avoiding any sort of action is only going to make them feel worse … so they don’t do it! 

They do what needs done to maintain that healthy image of themselves they hold firmly in their head. They take action on a regular basis that will help them build towards their dreams.

You deserve a self-esteem that helps you build the body you want. You deserve a self-esteem that supports you going after your dreams and pushes you to become the best you that you can be so here’s some tips that might help you get there.

Things You Can Do To Fix It

  • Focus in on all your Strengths, what are you good at, what makes you who you are (your uniqueness)
  • Start taking positive action – get off the couch, work on yourself (mentally & physically)
  • Keep active – walk, jog, play sport, start a new hobby
  • Revisit all your achievements so far
  • Write your Gratitude list
  • Write your Daily achievements list
  • Make effort to do things you love
  • Spend time with good positive people
  • Make a bucket list – reward yourself by going after some of things on it
  • Do something nice for someone else
  • Be the person you would like to meet yourself
  • Instead of making excuses, start looking for the solutions

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