Bumps in the Road

Bad Day

We strive daily to take positive steps in the quest for the best version of ourself however when the bump in the road strikes there is a little voice that would happily entice you on the slippery slope. ‘Why does this always happen to me?’, ‘Can anything else go wrong?’ and ‘Whatever next?’ and then you find yourself on the brink of going into hiding, comfort eating, reaching for the glass of wine and generally considering hibernation!

What do you do…..?

… you stop… and take a breath or even ten! Ask yourself what the ‘old you’ would have done and remind yourself how you would usually have felt afterwards. Then consider what positive action you should take to keep you moving forward, even the smallest step. However hard it feels to take this step forward in spite of what is going on, you will feel far better. I speak from experience! It is at this point where you realise just how far you have travelled and how much strength of character you have developed. We need to constantly remind ourselves that we cannot always control what goes on in our lives, we can however always control how we deal with it.

Make yourself a promise to draw a line under your bad day and and be optimistic that the next day will be a great day!


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