Choose Your Challenge and Crush It!

There is no better time than right now to choose one thing that you struggle with, just one thing… and go get it! This does not necessarily mean something you have failed at, it merely means something you want to do better, something you want to learn or in fact something you enjoy but want […]

Bumps in the Road

We strive daily to take positive steps in the quest for the best version of yourself however when the bump in the road strikes there is a little voice that would happily entice you on the slippery slope. ‘Why does this always happen to me?’, ‘Can anything else go wrong?’ and ‘Whatever next?’ and then […]

Small Steps, Big Success

If you have ever felt that the challenge to become a better version of you is too great and the fear of failure looms heavy on your horizon then learn to take small steps! In keeping with the phrase ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, we have to be patient in our daily quest to […]

Success Depends on Effort

“Your level of success is only determined by your level of effort” No matter what your goal is you will only start to make progress when you put the effort in. Why waste time wishing something good will happen or hoping that your luck will change? Why wait until Monday? Make the first step now, commit to improving […]

Have you binned the excuses yet?

It’s a new day! Go on, have you decided what you want from today, this week, this month, 2017, your life? Banish these phrases once and for all and find a way to get exactly what you want from life. Every journey start with a single step! Julie

Joining the Team

Hi everyone, I’m Julie the latest contributor to the BYP team. I’ve joined this team because it embodies the real-life, run-of-the mill everyday struggles that we can all relate to in some way and how with some support we are all capable of change. It is said that life begins at a certain age however […]