How Do YOU Want To Be Remembered?

Imagine the time has come and everyone you love and know has got together to write your eulogy, what would you like to be read out to summarise your life if you had managed to live your life to the full?

This might sound a bit morbid or a bit dark but if you’ve got a big dream still in you that has so far gone unfulfilled this technique might be just what you need to see, it might even reignite a dream from deep inside.

If they were to write it today for the person you are and the life you have lived what would they say? Would they say you were a person that followed your dreams? Someone that gave it their all? Someone that made a difference?

This is a reminder that one day it WILL be too late to change career or start that business you always wanted to. The chance to write that book or go travelling will have passed. We live long lives but at some point our time will definitely be up.

With that in mind, in a perfect world many years from now, with all your goals complete and you’re life lived to the full, how would your eulogy sound now?

Take a moment to think about it and even write it down. If you could be the person you always wanted to be, live the life you’ve always dreamed of, how would that eulogy sound? What could you have achieved?

It’s not too late, you’re still here and you can still make all those things happen. Yes there will be a million things standing in the way, so many challenges to get over but won’t you feel better and at peace right at the end if you at least gave it a shot?

A man once said to me his biggest nightmare was reaching his death bed and being faced with all the alternative versions of himself that he could’ve become. The guy the started the business that went onto change his life, or the person that did amazing work for charity and others.

To stand face to face with that successful person he could’ve become if he’d just listened to his gut over even just one of those many amazing business ideas he’d had, or if he’d just followed up those feelings that he should write that book or become a singer or whatever the big dream was.

Sounds like a nightmare to me as well which is why I’m still here, still plugging away trying to keep up my end of the bargain to help others live happier lives.

Give it a thought. Do you really want to go to your grave with your amazing gift still inside you?

Do what it takes to share your gift with the world!

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