Choose Your Challenge and Crush It!

Today's assignment

There is no better time than right now to choose one thing that you struggle with, just one thing… and go get it! This does not necessarily mean something you have failed at, it merely means something you want to do better, something you want to learn or in fact something you enjoy but want to spend more time doing. You may even want to test just how far you can improve yourself.

Is it to climb the stairs instead of the lift? Is it to make a healthy meal from scratch? Is it to  spend more quality time with a loved one? Is it to choose to see the positives in a situation you find yourself in? Is it to make small talk with a stranger? Is it to learn a new dance move? Is it to complete the crossword?

The struggle you choose is yours and yours alone, never underestimate the feeling of personal success, however small. Success builds confidence, it motivates you to push yourself further and become the very best version of yourself. What you find a struggle others will find a normal way of life and therefore you should avoid the pitfalls of comparisons, this in turn leads to a greater sense of freedom.

Still not sure what your challenge could be then check out our previous blog page (Know the Warning Signs), focus on the ‘Warning Signs of Low Self-Esteem’ and see if you can identify with any of the statements. Now look at the ‘Things You Can Do to Fix It’ list. Each of these present a challenge which you could choose … and then crush!

For me, I crushed the Diet Coke habit, I crushed the “I can’t please everyone” feeling, I crushed the weight loss goal, I crushed my PB in running, I crushed my social anxiety. This list continues and varies in degrees of challenges, I found that challenging myself to one thing opened the proverbial ‘can of worms’ and I find myself crushing so many things that I would not have believed possible and yet I still continually look for my next challenge. You may see me struggle but you will never see me quit…





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