Victim Mode … time to get out of it!

You may know some people that always play the Ultimate Victim role, many do. The world is always against them, in every situation in their life! They have a hard luck story for everything, even when they’re just back from an amazing holiday … you’ll STILL hear their victim story about the one thing that went wrong while they were away.

Sometimes though a lot of honest, normal, hardworking people just get in a bad habit of feeling like a victim because of the hard times they have been through. It’s a tough world out there and sometimes it can be hard to see the good in it when bad things keep happening to you … but you have to keep trying. You have to keep looking for the good.

We could all stop at some stage in our life a say “Why me? Why us?”, trust me I’ve been there but it was only when I stopped feeling and acting like a victim that things started to really turn around.


Bad things happen to everyone at some point, nobody is immune to them but it is how you react to those situations that determines your character. You can choose to dwell on them and be on the constant look out for more BAD luck … or you can take it on the chin, dust yourself off and bounce back to your best.  The more you dwell on your misfortunes, the more bad things you will find … because that is what you are looking for. You find what you focus on!

Some times you have to accept that you’ve been through a hard time but you’re ready to get back to good ones. Take your aim off the past and off all the negative things around and start focusing on the good.

Start being grateful that you got through the bad times. Start being grateful for the lessons you learned during those times and start being grateful for all the good things you have left at the end of it.

According to experts, building a new habit takes 21 days. 3 weeks of conscious effort to break out of victim mode. Just 10 minutes a day in those 21 days could do it. 10 minutes counting all the things you have to be thankful for. 10 minutes a day looking for the good in others instead of the bad or 10 minutes a day looking for the good in the situation rather than the bad.

Stop the moaning, stop the excuses, stop the pity party and Man Up to the realisation that you are fully in charge of what you focus on.

Life isn’t easy but you can make it easier for yourself by celebrating everything that went right and enjoying everything that you have, instead of wallowing in everything that went wrong and crying over the things that you don’t have yet!

Life is what you make it, none of us are going to get it out of this alive so you may as well start enjoying living while you can!


Scott J

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