Beware of the Social Media Illusion

Social media is a very fickle and fake place, people only share what they want you to see. Most people want everyone to think their life is amazing and to a lot of you it might look like their life is somehow better than yours.

Please remember that what is shared on Social Media is all an illusion. Firstly you’re only seeing the bits they choose for you to see, secondly you don’t see the other 99% of their story… how bad things might be, or what they have to do to afford to do what they do, or what was really going on before the two second pose for the photo. That’s their story and you’ll never know it all … and that’s OK, you have your own story!

So before you go comparing your life to the “highlights reel” other people post to Facebook or other social media, I urge you to focus on the true highlights of your own story. Take time, every day if you can, to appreciate your own life and everything in it. It’s a guaranteed mood booster, and if you want success or more amazing things, it’s an absolutely crucial daily habit that you MUST have!


Gratitude is absolutely critical to finding and maintaining happiness. I study happy, successful people and can guarantee you that one of the most obvious personality traits you will find in any successful person is that they all continually practice gratitude.

It might not be a conscious thing but listen to their interviews or look out for it in their books, you will always hear how thankful they are for what they have and how lucky they feel for doing what they do or getting to where they are.

This positive attitude and appreciation helped them get where they are already and to have what they have, and having that real gratitude is what will help them obtain more of the same.

It’s OK to admire what other people post on social media, just don’t go comparing your own life to it. Take it all with the pinch of salt it deserves and most importantly, value what YOU have in YOUR life! Take the time to think about lucky YOU really are. Learn to love yourself and love your life!

Scott J

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