Who You Impressing?

We all post on FB or Instagram etc and usually it’s just innocently sharing a great experience but when it gets to the point that you’re posting stuff with the sole purpose of impressing other people it’s time to stop and have a think.

It’s a sure sign of insecurities if you NEED people to know that you’re at a certain restaurant or you’ve bought a certain thing. People that are secure in themselves don’t need other people to validate them by liking a post.

I’ve been there myself, posting through insecurity and that need of people knowing that I can do something or have achieved something. Not posting out of pride (which is fine) but out of that need to be approved by others.

Build yourself up so you don’t need that, nobody should be chasing other’s approval. Celebrate your successes, recognise your strengths and realise your opinion of yourself is THE most important opinion of all.

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