You Always, Always Have 2 Options

There are 2 options you face when times get tough and you feel like the world is against you:

Option 1 – Focus on all the nasty people and all the nasty things they do or say to you. Think about and talk about all the bad things that happen to you and complain to anyone who will listen about your bad “fortunes”.

Or …

Option 2 – Celebrate all the good people you know and be thankful you know them. Be thankful for every little thing that goes your way, and make a point of focussing in on all the good things that happen to you every day. What was good about today? You’ll find something to be happy about.

You pick!

Everyone has something that they could be angry about, something that could make them say “Why us??”. If you focus on that you’ll always be angry and you’ll find more and more things to get angry about.

You have to accept what life has dealt you and choose to focus on all the good in your life. All the things you are lucky to have, instead of why me, you should make your perception “lucky me!”.

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