Follow Your Passion

Figure out what you love to do as young as you can, and then organise your life around figuring out how to make a living at it.

I’m sure all the negative people around you will say “Not everybody can do the job they dream of!!”, I’m sure they’ll all say “Not everybody can get a job in a field they have a passion for like music, TV, film or certain sport”…

But you’re not everybody are you? You’re just one person. Are you telling me there’s not space for just ONE more person in the music business, sports world or one more author?

Just ONE more, I’m not talking about everybody who ever had a dream, I’m talking about YOU… one person with the burning desire to live out their dream.

You may love a certain sport but you haven’t made it as professional in this sport you love … but that doesn’t mean there aren’t jobs surrounding that sport you could work towards like sports journalist, coach, media, working for a professional club. If you look hard enough there will be more than you think.

If you want it bad enough you can make it happen … you just need to find the field you want to work in, work hard towards it and believe that you’ll get there.

Believe in your head that it is inevitable that you’ll one day be working in your dream job and this will drive you to find the ways to make it reality.

One thought on “Follow Your Passion

  1. Sometimes it takes a while to discover what your true passion is. I found mine in my 40s. I started a drama program at my kids’ high school. I served as a volunteer for 13 years. I have continued to teach drama to children even now in my 70s. It’s never too late to follow your dreams.

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