Do The Things You Love

The happy people are the doers, the people who plan to do good things. Things they enjoy. The people that take action and make things happen. These people always have something good to look forward to so of course they are happier than those with nothing enjoyable planned.

If your schedule or calendar is empty with nothing exciting ahead then it would be no strange coincidence that you aren’t really feeling much excitement. Failing to plan enjoyable outings or social events is robbing yourself of the enjoyment those things bring.

Not just the event themselves but the excited talk with friends discussing the event in the lead up to it and then the sharing and retelling of the outing in the days or years that follow.

Picture it – you’re doing something new with your friends for the first time, let’s say going kayaking down a nearby river. You have the excited feeling in you at work on Friday as you tell your friends at work of your plans for the upcoming weekend. You tell your friends, your family, anybody that will listen. You can feel the buzz.

Then you go, enjoy the day out and have memories to take away with you. You head back into work and your friends there are asking how it went. You then have a chance to relive it all over again and again as you retell your adventure.

Compare to that to this – “any plans for the weekend”, “not much, just sitting in again. Another exciting weekend of doing nothing I suppose”. End of story, zero excitement.

You can’t do something exciting every week but if you put something in the calendar close enough that you have that feeling of looking forward to it you’ll give yourself that extra edge. The edge that happy people always have.

If you’re struggling to find something to arrange take some time and create a bucket list, do a bit of research and have a nice long think about all the things you’d love to do or accomplish. Then any time you need to give yourself a mood boost go and arrange to fulfill one of your life long dreams.

Even just arranging the event will lift your mood and make you feel good.

It’s another way to remind yourself that you are in charge of your own life and your own happiness … so get planning the things that bring you enjoyment and fulfillment.

It’s your life, it’s your choice … nobody is going to arrange things for you.

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