One Off Venting for Clarity

As many of you will know I’m strongly against venting. Going over and over frustrations doesn’t usually help and just leaves you feeling more frustrated or angry by the end. It’s spreading negativity and usually brings down everybody unfortunate enough to get landed listening to you!

I’ve even wrote a post on it (Venting, stop it and stop the damage it is causing) … but sometimes, just sometimes, if done in the right manner with a positive attitude, you can actually use it to stumble across a solution to the problem you’re venting about.

As I said I’m really against complaining and dwelling on problems but today, in a one off conversation, I raised the frustrations I have been having at work and vented to one of my close friends. As I ranted about the situation I started to confirm to myself that firstly; I was not the issue (not my performance in the area or my attitude towards it) and secondly; that I was no longer willing to accept being stuck in an area full of broken processes and awkward characters, all out with my control. I have fixed what I could and now it is time to get out for the sake of my own sanity.

The sheer thought of no longer settling or accepting this frustrating situation brought me a new feeling of hope. As I continued my short but concise venting session, together with my friend we started to brainstorm and came up with some alternatives and solutions. I left the conversation with a fresh perspective and a belief that I could finally make progress towards the areas I WANT to be working in.

Now I’ve been stuck in this frustrating area for years now and most of the time just chose to rise above the pettiness and long established, awkward processes but now thanks to this talk I actually had the drive to escape it, ideas on how to do so and belief that I can make it happen.

I’m not endorsing venting, unless you can do it productively, and I’m certainly not endorsing wallowing in self-pity and complaining. God no!! What I am saying is talk out the problem once with a positive friend and approach it with a solutions mindset instead of victim mindset … and you might just stumble across a solution.

Thanks for reading. If you have any feedback or comments I’d love to hear them.

Good luck and keep smiling.

Scott J

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