Attention to Detail … but What Detail?

Our minds can’t possibly focus on every single thing that is going on around us so our mind starts to look for what it perceives as important (what you give most attention to).

If you regularly focus on the negative things around and all the bad stuff that happens your mind will constantly try to find that … because it thinks that is what is important to you. It’s doesn’t have time for every detail so it finds the crucial things to you … the bad stuff you usually focus on.

If you regularly focus on the good things that surround you and positive experiences your mind will be looking for more of the same, again because that is what it determines as important to you as you spend your time focusing on it.

Sounds like a merry go round with no way of getting off. If your constantly focusing on what’s bad in your life and complaining about things you might think there’s no way to escape this trend … but luckily for you there is. Simply by making the conscious effort to find the good in your life.

Take time to think about all the amazing things you have in your life and talk about them. Talk or write about about great experiences you’ve had instead of bad ones. Make a conscious effort to talk, write, think, focus … only on good things.

This will take effort but after a month or so of only concentrating on the positive you will have successfully changed your perception on life. Your mind will now actively try to find more of the good that you have been focusing on.

Give your mind a chance to find what you want. Choose to see the good.

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