Manage Your Moods

It’s very easy to take out your bad moods on those that love you the most but thats the worst thing you can do.

Firstly, they don’t deserve it and secondly your actively pushing away the ones that would actually be there for you and even help you out your mood.

Next time you catch yourself unnecessarily snapping at your loved ones because some other area of your life isn’t going well or you’re having a bad day – stop, excuse yourself and go have a think if upsetting the ones that love you is the best idea.

Practice a bit of gratitude by writing a list of ten things you should be grateful for, write down ten good experiences from recent days or have a quick think of achievements from your life.

If those fail try putting on some good uplifting music, watch some comedy, look at photos of memories or whatever lifts you up.

And once you are feeling a wee bit chirpier go and give a big hug to the very people you were pushing away.

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