Forget The Phone

Ever have one of those days where you barely check your phone? Whatever you were doing that day, do more of it!

We all spend way too much time staring down at our phones, looking at the finely selected highlights of other people’s lives, the bits they want us to see. Meanwhile we’re missing out on what’s really going on around us.

Phones are amazing, useful things but just watch you don’t spend so much time looking down that you miss the important things going on right in front of you.

When you’re in someone’s company have the manners to be present, I mean otherwise what are you even doing there? If you’re spending your time on your phone instead of paying attention you’re not only wasting the other person’s time, you’re wasting your own too!

Choose to actually participate in your life instead of watching in on the lives of others.

Choose to be present, to actually experience what’s going on and not feel the need to distract yourself with your phone.

Choose to give your attention to the people you’re with, listen to what they’re saying, ask them questions, be interested!

Choose to soak up life (because it really is awesome if you start noticing it) instead of zoning out to mindless time wasting on your phone.

Choose to start really experiencing life again!

Now go make your own memories.

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