Don’t Grow Up

When we were young we were all full of excitement and dreams, anything seemed possible and our imaginations had the freedom to run wild. As we grow though the environment around us wears us down, we’re told over and over what’s possible and what’s not possible. What we should be doing and what we shouldn’t be doing.

We stop pursuing fun adventures and stop doing the things we love and fall into doing the things society tells us we should be doing. We get conditioned to think life’s hard and that getting through the day to day should be a slog. Overtime we forget just how amazing life can be and just how lucky we really are.

Wouldn’t you love to go back to a time, before the negative conditioning, where you could just focus on having fun and doing the things you love?? Well you can, start working on yourself and finding time to do things you enjoy. Watch what you want to watch, do what you want to do and spend time with the ones that bring out your fun side – that’s the real you.

Now your first exercise is to go stand in the rain (or cold shower if you’re fortunate enough to not have rain) and wait for it to wake you up from the autopilot state you have become accustomed to. If there’s some wet muddy grass nearby go dive head first along it. You’ll realise that by letting go and being daft didn’t actually kill you!


Scott J

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