SJH Positive Mindset Workbook

If you really want to help yourself build up your Confidence, Resilience and Happiness Levels then the easy to follow tool you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. This Workbook is packed full of useful techniques and information to help you develop a healthier, happier mind-set. All you have to do is simply fill it in over the next few weeks, pick out a few techniques that you like and stick with them for 5 or 10 minutes a day for minimum of 30 days.

By the end of the Workbook you will:

  • Be equipped with tools you can turn to any time you need a confidence boost.
  • Have a firm grasp of who you are and where your strengths lie.
  • Be in a position to handle conflict in a much more positive manner.
  • Have an increased belief and understanding of what you are capable of.
  • Be able to quickly boost your mood with simple tools and movements.
  • Have clearer vision and positive expectancy of what you can accomplish in the future.

The key to this Workbook is using it and sticking with it, if you do this your life WILL change for the better. Bold statement I know but these are proven by myself and many others, they worked for me and they can work for you. You just need to push yourself to start and push yourself to stick with it for minimum of 30 days. 10 minutes a day for 30 days, if you can’t spare that to improve your life massively then you might be best to consider seeking professional help.

This Workbook can be used individually at home by simply printing it off and completing each different technique until you find one that works for you, or it can be used in Workshops with the right coach / trainer, or in support groups where you all have a copy and share your answers in a supportive environment, or in one-to-one coaching where you share your answers with your coach. For any of these just get in touch to discuss further.

Feel free to print off this free Workbook off yourself now to get started and fill in each of the techniques in your own spare time or get in touch for a free one-on-one consultation and a free copy of the Workbook .

This can really help so please give it a go.

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