Discovering My Mission

Moments ago, while reading the book “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting” I suddenly realised the full extent of what I want to achieve. I’d always thought my purpose was to help people live happier lives, still true but not the whole story.

I thought it would be to help just anybody that would listen, and try to make money from it, this is certainly no longer true. Yes I want to help people, and if I make some money from it great, if not so be it… but what my MISSION is, is to get the information I share to the under privileged, as well as all the normal, regular people of this world … whatever it takes.

It is usually the rich or the coveted top 5%, that read books and watch seminars etc. That’s why I want to go beyond that circle, beyond just the usual self-improving 5%!

Regular people, the larger majority, don’t read books and don’t work on continual growth … and they are probably worse off for it, whether they are aware of a better life or not.

I want to get across to them that they are in charge, that they are not victim, that they can shoot higher than what they already have, that the level of their future is determined by their attitude not by their current circumstances.

I am continuing to develop some basic help files, a short book will follow, and I will try my best to reach as many people as I can by providing easy access to this information through Twitter, Instagram, You Tube and Facebook.

It is an amazing moment when your goal, your objective … takes on a much clearer picture. A clearer vision of what I want to achieve and many indications of what steps are required next to get there.

An excited 


One thought on “Discovering My Mission

  1. I’ve learned not to ignore moments of enlightenment and it’s amazing how such moments come about. Normally they are the catalyst to a new and improved life. Sadly, they are immediately ignored by individuals for the reasons you’ve stated but it doesn’t need to be so. Every single person, no matter their background or education already possess the tools within themselves. We all need help in knowing where to find them and then learn which tools are needed for which task they are required for. It’s a bit like being on an apprenticeship. It doesn’t happen overnight but a journey of self discovery which can return great rewards and where our deepest desires become reality. Go Scotty! So pleased for you. For me, there is know better feeling than trying to be of service and help to others. You’re taking it to another level my friend. Congrats! I will follow with great interest.

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