What are YOU talking about?

Going over and over your problems won’t make them go away AND it’ll make you feel miserable … so why do it?

Talk about things that make you happy instead. Talk about the good things in your life, about what went right rather than what went wrong. Talk about all the good things you have instead of what you don’t have. Talk about people’s nice qualities instead of their flaws.

Get your focus off of the negative things around you and onto the many positive things that many choose unwittingly to ignore.

If you’ve fell into a habit of focusing on your flaws, your misfortunes, your frustrations etc … you’ve actively chosen your default setting to be “seek out negative”. You will find more negative, bad things … there is no doubt!

The good news is you can change this. You can build you new happier habits by consciously choosing to replace “dwelling on the bad” with “celebrating the good”.

Celebrating the good and creating habits that make you happier is easier than it sounds. All you have to do is change your focus. Only focus on the good things you have, good things you see, good times you experience. Every day do something that reminds you (list it down, think about it, talk about it), this will build the habits you need.
It’s a choice – start making the one that leads to happiness, gratitude, joy and success … instead of the one that leads to worry, frustration, anger and sadness.

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