Why I Embrace My Inner-Goofball

Here’s why I decided to start embracing my inner-goofball and why I think you should too.

My inner-goofball, or inner-kid, or whatever you want to call it … is really all about fun. It’s the side of me that is all about being carefree and cheerful regardless of what other people think. Like at this time of the year when I’m in this “stop being so serious and have a laugh” mood I’ll happily wear silly themed hats, cheesy Christmas jumpers and walk around singing Christmas tunes without batting an eyelid. Somehow when I’m happily in goofball mode I’ll find lots of ways to see the fun in situations, I’ll be the complete opposite of judgemental of others and internally admire those that are representing their own fun side.

Most importantly when I’ve let go of the needless worrying and started to embrace my fun side I get more involved in anything fun that’s going … because being free to be me means that I’m feeling confident, confident enough that I really don’t care what other people think of me. That frees me up to do what I please without the fear of being ridiculed. I’ll easily volunteer to take part in the daft party games and accept the invites that my more serious, reserved side would sometimes decline. I’ll even speak my mind freely without fear of being judged. When I get in this zone I fully embrace life without fear of others thinking I’m foolish. I openly wear my heart of my sleeve, like I do every day, but this time I actually feel particularly proud of all my eccentricities that the serious me tries my best to hide.

This isn’t any lazy “I’ll do it tomorrow” goofball either, it’s a go-getting side of me that doesn’t care about failing as long as I keep trying. The usual reserved me that might not pick up the phone to chase down a good opportunity or take action to progress towards a big goal of mine because of fear, is blown out the water with this new mood. It’s a “In for a penny, in for a pound” attitude where my go-getting care free mood is all over it – sending emails to help build a network, phoning people for advice or taking some big actions towards the major goals.

Who wouldn’t want to embrace this side of life? It’s all about staying brave, not subsiding back to fear after a few failures. When the fear of failure or ridicule becomes more powerful than your desire for greatness you will recede back into the quiet unassuming life, park all your dreams and goals up then resign yourself to what you currently have. That’s not what I want and I’m sure it’s not what you want either so why not dig deep inside and find your own wild, fun side. It may be different to mine but I’m sure it’ll spur you on to make the most out of each day.

Here are the differences, what you would you rather be?

Serious Mood

  • Doesn’t get involved in much for fear of what others think
  • Doesn’t take action for fear of failing or looking stupid
  • Worries endlessly about things that “might” happen
  • Only wears what they know they won’t get teased or abused for wearing
  • Says what they think others want to hear
  • Makes negative assumptions about what others think about them
  • Dwells on frustrations and tells others about them
  • Expects bad outcomes and events then finds the negative in every situation to complain about
  • Hides the person they really are to avoid ridicule

Fun Mood

  • Does whatever he pleases and gets involved without care of what others may think
  • Takes action regardless, any progress is better than none at all – “Fortune Favours the Brave”
  • Has faith that things will work out and makes the most of today
  • Wears whatever they want, has no care of random people’s opinions
  • Says what they believe in an honest fair way
  • Makes positive assumptions that people can see their good qualities
  • Expects good things to arrive and finds ways to enjoy situations
  • Embraces who they really are and wears it as a badge of honour for all to see

We all have a conscious that sways you one way or the other, one that edges you on to take chances versus the one that convinces you to play safe … usually depicted in all cartoons or films as the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. I’ve just replaced the devil on my shoulder with an adventurous no fear go-getter and gave the worrying, over-thinking Angel a nice break to recharge.

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