Why you should change your assumptions of what others think about you!

You can’t let your misconceptions of what others think hold you back. So often you assume people don’t like you because they may not smile at you or talk to you (but maybe they are grumpy with everyone, maybe they have their own issues) … or you assume that people are thinking something about you because of the way they look at you.

You may assume they are saying things like “He’s always lazy, never does any work” because they once caught you on the internet at work … or you may assume they’re thinking “She’s dumb” because you made one simple mistake in a piece of work you did for them … but unless they come out and say it, you’ll never know for sure.

There are many times where you will automatically jump to a negative assumption about what others may be thinking with no way to know 100% for sure … so my question for you is – why would you pick the worst case scenario? Start imagining the best case scenario – maybe people think you’re funny. Maybe people think you are smart because the work you did for them was better than they could’ve done themselves … so they didn’t even notice the mistake.

Maybe they think what you’re wearing is smart … or maybe they think you are really intelligent. If you start thinking of the best possible outcome and that people can really see the best in you then I can promise you that you will start to feel better about yourself … and at the end of the day, does it really matter what they think anyway? So why not expect them to think positive thoughts about you.

Try it for a day, assume people can see the best in you. Believe it for a moment. List your strengths and assume everyone can see it … your self-worth and self-confidence will rocket.


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