Joining the Team

Hi everyone, I’m Julie the latest contributor to the BYP team. I’ve joined this team because it embodies the real-life, run-of-the mill everyday struggles that we can all relate to in some way and how with some support we are all capable of change.

It is said that life begins at a certain age however I found that it was an opportunity to reflect and subsequently take charge of what was yet to come, after all I am who I am because of these earlier years and however hard you try they can’t be deleted. So, I turned a page, started a new chapter and here I am delighted to be joining the Best You Project and getting the opportunity to share with others how small changes can lead to a more fulfilling life.

How did I become much happier, more content and ultimately embrace the life I now live? The biggest realisation was that there were many things in life I couldn’t control and I had to accept that in the end I could only be responsible for my own thoughts and actions. It was at this point, almost two years ago that I made the decision to be more selfish! Having worn myself out trying to please everyone and do what I thought was expected of me in every area of my life I stumbled across a quote online, where I often looked for the answers: “You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first”. I was very guilty of giving advice and doing none of it myself – a clear nod to “do as I say and not as I do” philosophy.

Through time I began to learn how to reflect, react and respond to even the smallest of daily events in a more positive way, even the most mundane of daily routines, and as a result I started making a significant difference to my life. Slowly but surely I identified one aspect of my life at a time, sought some inspirational reading and committed to making the small changes. It did not take long to experience the positive effects of my actions. As my confidence grew I began to talk to people and found out that I was not alone in this journey and this provided me with further inspiration to keep going. Through time my friends and family began to notice how I have changed, many asking how I did it, others remarking that they wish they could be more like me. As I began to believe I was finally making progress I went from strength to strength. I never expected to find myself in this privileged position where my experiences may in turn inspire others simply by sharing my little lightbulb moments as I continue to write my own story, plot twists and all.


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