Participation = Enjoyment. Just one of the lessons from the Unleash the Power Within preview workshop

On 8th October, BYP new recruit Hazel and myself travelled to Glasgow to take part in the Unleash the Power Within preview workshop. Our speaker on the day Amandeep Thind was very impressive and today I’ll share with you my experiences of the day and some of the tips I took away.

I’ll be up front and honest, unlike my usual outgoing self when I first got to this event and we were told to introduce ourselves to others around and share why we were there I felt a little uneasy with the High Fiving and general cheesiness. I got slightly involved but wouldn’t say I was participating to the level that the speakers wanted us to.

Then Amandeep told us a story about participation, which was the reminder I needed. Over the years I knew that getting involved in things helped me build confidence, it helped lift my mood and it helped me take more from each situation. Here I was years later retreating in my seat, giving in to my fear of ridicule and trying to avoid taking part. This was very unlike me, usually I dive in head first and I’m the first to get involved but today was different. I think the introduction from our first speaker (not Amandeep) had put me off, it was a way over the top cheesy and made myself, and a few others, very uncomfortable.

On to Amandeep’s story, one that I have heard in different forms over the years. This time it took the guise of parents taking their 2 boys to Disneyland. They dropped young Billy and Johnny off for a day at the park. The first son Johnny was fully expecting someone to meet him there and show him around the park, when that didn’t happen he took a seat in the shade. Grumbling to himself how am I supposed to know where to go, how am I supposed to get around this huge park all by myself. I’m just going to sit here until someone comes to help.

Meanwhile young Billy, all excited, had raced off to the information desk in front of him. He quickly got a map and started planning out his whole day. He ran from one ride to another, he ran around so much he saw the whole park and got to go on every single ride available, some even twice. He tried out the numerous food stands using the money his mother had given him and even managed to get some delicious slush drinks. Finally, when he heard the announcement that the park was closing in 3 minutes, he dutifully rushed down to the entrance of the park to be picked up by his parents.

Well the time came and the boys headed over to their parents to take them home. Johnny was first to meet them and burst into a rant about how bad his day was. How dare they leave him alone for a full day! How he was freezing from sitting all day in the shade with nothing to do! How he was so hungry and angry at his parents for not packing him a lunch! How his bum was sore from sitting for so long on an old wooden bench! How dare they leave him in such a horrible place! He was never going back!

Meanwhile Billy  couldn’t wait to tell them about his adventures. Mopping the sweat from his brow from all the running around, he told them of all the amazing rides he went on, how he was stuffed from the amazing hot dog he had an hour earlier, and how he managed to get on every single ride in the entire park. Man, to him, it was the best day ever and he wanted to go back tomorrow!

The difference is simple, basic and easy to do … Participation!

This woke me up to my slight unwillingness to surrender myself to the cheesefest that I knew was coming our way. So I gave in and wholeheartedly took part in the rest of the workshop. Regularly high fiving complete strangers and taking part in all the physical activities. And boy did it improve the experience. Just surrendering to be a goofball again felt good. So the lesson in that part of the day was to get involved, don’t sit on the sidelines … it’s much more fun in the game!


I took quite a few other good lessons from Amandeep, many reminders of what I already teach and others that I will use going forward, so here’s a quick list of my take away’s:

  • Participate – get involved, you’ll get over that initial awkwardness and when you do you’ll really enjoy yourself!
  • Ask your audience questions – getting your audience to regularly raise their hand or shout out an answer brings them back to the room. If their mind is wandering being asked a question means they wake back up to the situation they are experiencing and have to get involved.
  • Perturbation – this refers to the process of how, when a tree falls and is covered by earth, over time and pressure it turns to coal, over further time and extensive pressure it might just turn into a diamond. In other words you’ll face big pressure and challenges before you get to your ideal end result. Keep going!
  • Use personal stories – your audience will engage with you much more if you tell them your own personal stories and explain why you are doing what you are doing. It is also much better to listen to a nice heartfelt story than someone droning on about a theory.
  • Using Triad – the triangle of Physiology, Language and Focus. These need their own bullet points:
    • Physiology – through demonstrations and us getting involved, he showed us how movement and getting involved can really improve your mood and motivation.
    • Language – another few examples of how the way you talk to yourself and the way others talk to you impacts how you see yourself. A refresh for a theory I already knew and actively practice.
    • Focus – another thing I teach and practice every day. You are what you focus on! He gave good examples of how what you focus on impacts your mood. He used the old close your eyes and picture a bad experience technique, how does that affect you. Now picture a good experience, how does that affect you … to show how you are actually fully in control of your mind and can use this to fix a bad mood, if you choose to!
    • Focus – worth mentioning this example as well. Imagine you are buying a new car, you research it and you talk about it a lot. There is a good chance before or after you get that car you are going to start seeing more and more of these cars around, probably that you didn’t notice before. This is a reminder that you find more of what you focus on so make sure you focus on positive things, the things you want to find more of.
  • Your environment – he also reminded us that your environment is bigger than your will power. So if you are on a diet but have lots of bad food around eventually your will power will give in. If you continually place yourself in a negative environment (work, home, friends) eventually this will wear down any positivity you have and you WILL become negative. You have to choose the environment you put yourself in, where you go or who you spend time with, choose wisely!
  • He also highlighted that if you want to change your life you need to set goals:
    • 1 – Set a specific goal – it has to be realistic but don’t aim too low. Also, you have to discover WHY you want to achieve that goal. What is the real reason behind you going for that goal? Dig deep and be honest.
    • 2 – Write your goals down – this makes them goals, not just a dream.
    • 3 – Declare your goal to others – this makes you accountable and more unlikely to quit.
    • 4 – Measure your progress – have regular reviews to see if you’ve reached your first few goals. If not break them down into more attainable goals and work through them one at a time.
    • 5 – Celebrate your successes – become your own biggest fan. This builds confidence and self-belief, and makes you more aware of what you can actually achieve.
  • Gratitude – lastly, and possibly most importantly practice gratitude:
    • If you are not grateful for what you already have then you won’t be grateful for anything else that comes. You can’t be angry, frustrated, upset, sad … at the same time as being truly grateful. So if you’re feeling down go practice gratitude! List down all the things you have to be thankful for and why you are grateful for them. Go over and over these until you truly appreciate how lucky you are … you won’t be feeling sad or angry any more.
    • One last lesson on gratitude, he showed us a clip of one of Tony’s workshops that Oprah had attended. It showed the “hold your heart and close your eyes technique”, where you think of a terrible situation how bad it felt. You get right there to that feeling. Then you start to think about how YOU got through that ordeal. You thank yourself for being so strong and getting through that. You stick with this and keep going over it until you feel truly thankful AND proud of yourself. If you’ve been through a terrible ordeal that technique is definitely worth a shot.

I’d say that’s a whole lot of great things to take away from a free workshop. If you get a chance please attend. I had learned a lot of these through my own work and other experiences but it never hurts to get a reminder, and it never hurts to pick up some more useful tips. All in all an excellent experience.

Hopefully you can take some tips from my summary above. If you have any feedback or comments please let me know.

Thanks for reading my friends,


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