Perception is Everything

It is not certain events or particular circumstances that knock us down and keep us there, it is our reaction to them. The meaning we give to these events, whether they kick us in the gut or whether we choose to use them as motivation and learn from them, determines how they impact us.

If we judge an event / circumstance as a good thing then that is what it becomes in our mind, you convince your mind to feel good about it and thus have a positive experience! On the flip side, if we judge it as a bad thing then, again, that is what is recorded in our mind and thus the negative experience you endure. Your judgement, your reaction … matters!!

Which means you have a choice, you can take every new challenge as a hindrance and dwell on it … or you can take every new challenge as an opportunity to grow. Remember that you are only a victim if you choose to be seen that way, whether you choose to feel like a victim or not is completely up to you. Some of the strongest people are those that have every reason to feel like a victim, yet rise above it and choose to feel like a survivor instead.

The perception you have determines your response to events and situations. The way you view the world has a direct impact on your happiness, mood, feelings and success. If you go around looking for negatives and assuming the worst in every situation then that is exactly what you will find.

If you go around expecting only the best outcomes, seeing the good in people, assuming the best in everyone and looking for the positive side of every situation then believe me more often than not that is what you will find. The world looks like a much better place when you change how you view things.

It may not seem like it, but it is a choice. It may take some time to make it become habit but it is undoubtedly entirely up to you. It’s in your own hands, you can choose to be miserable and assume that the world is against you … or you can choose to be happy and focus on the good things that are all around you. I promise you if you look hard enough you will find something to feel thankful for.

It is all about perception, it really is everything. Change the way you look at the world and you will change the world around you. You will see just how amazing life is and how amazing the world can be.

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