Making The Effort

Never underestimate how fortunate you are that some good people are actively making an effort to stay involved in your life. Sometimes we get so hung up on those that don’t care, that we forget those amazing people that do. #BestYouProject #BYP #BYPcoaching #ScottyJHam #ScottJ #Scottish #Writer #Author #Speaker #MindsetMentor #MindsetMagic #SJHMindset #happiness #confidence #success… Read More Making The Effort

You Need You

You need your own approval and acceptance much, much more than you need anybody else’s. Remember that. Without your own acceptance, the approval and validation of any other person in the world will have little impact on your self-esteem or self -worth. Their approval wont bring you happiness unless you already have a healthy self-image… Read More You Need You

All You Have

Some people have what you would consider “everything you could ever want” and are still miserable because they still want more. If you’re not grateful and happy with what you already have then you won’t be happy and grateful for anything else you get. If you struggle with your mood or feel like you’re lacking… Read More All You Have