Education Priorities Need To Change

I strongly believe that the time has come to give mental health a higher priority in Education. Let’s teach our young ones and our teenagers to understand how their mind works and let’s give them tools to help keep their mind healthy.

If they have the foundation and tools to maintain a healthy self image, deal with awkward people with empathy, understand how to develop a positive attitude and methods to build their confidence it will not only benefit the child themselves but every single person they meet throughout their lives.

Maybe if we teach our children that bad behaviour from others towards them is a sign of an unhappy person they may feel pity or understanding of the person rather than taking the behaviour personally. If we give them the tools to keep their mind positive they will build resilience to overcome difficulties quicker.

The rise of social media has brought so many more challenges for our children and even many adults. The importance children put on how social media and their peers “rank” them based solely on how many followers they have, how many likes, comments or shares they get, is beyond your belief.

Their ranking on Social Media for so many sadly determines their self worth and confidence levels. If their post gets lots of likes they feel good, temporarily, for a very short time until they have a not so popular post. One post with low likes can be enough to chip away another layer of their confidence, if this continues insecurities grow and self worth drops. Even losing a follower or two can knock how good they feel about themselves.

Not too mention the bullying that goes on undoubtedly online as some cowards hide behind their keyboard. The snide comments or even sometimes nasty posts aimed at them can be even more damaging than the bullying from the playground. The online world is a dangerous one and one I’m glad I grew up without.

Our teachers are stretched as it is, I know that and I wish that wasn’t the case. Talk to any of them, you’ll hear the same, so it is time to reevaluate how we teach in schools and prioritise raising happy, positive, confident children rather than making sure they meet a whole host of other check boxes that in no way help the child maintain a happy, balanced life.

We stand a greater chance of success if the next generation coming through have a healthier self image and positive attitude so let’s invest time and resource in that and see how dramatically things improve.

Thanks for reading. If you have any feedback or comments I’d love to hear them.


Scott J

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