Want Confidence? Take Action

Here’s a 2 week challenge for anyone that would like to build a little bit more confidence. Every morning before you leave the house take 5 minutes to write down 5 tasks or experiences you would like to achieve that day. Do this every morning for 2 weeks and do your best to complete each of the actions you set for yourself.

These don’t have to be fancy – picking up something from the shop could be one, learning 5 more pages of an online course your taking could be another. Spending time with someone you enjoy spending time with, playing a sport or having a healthy meal could all go on the list.

Basically some of the stuff that you would normally do only you’ll find that if you set the tasks out like this each morning you’ll get so much more done. The more you do, the more you prove to yourself what you are capable of and so your confidence grows.

This is a proven method for building confidence so why not give it a try and see how you feel after as little as 14 days!

Thanks for reading.

Scott J

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