Choose Gratitude over Anger

A lot of people chase things they don’t need thinking it’ll make them happy, it won’t. Instead they need to take time each day to review all the things they have to be thankful for.

  • Celebrate your daily successes
  • Remember what you have achieved so far
  • Think about all the amazing things you are lucky to have
  • And appreciate the good people in your life.

This is not how the consumerism world we live in wants you to think but ultimately if you do, you’ll finally start feeling more fulfilled, relaxed and happy.

In one of the recent #askgaryvee podcasts with #GaryVee and #TonyRobbins this very concept was discussed. It’s the same message we’ve shared many times here on the #BestYouProject but Tony makes it clear that your mind can only focus on one feeling at a time so why waste it on anger or sadness when you can do things that will turn it to gratitude?

Thanks for reading. If you have any feedback or comments I’d love to hear them.


Scott J

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5 thoughts on “Choose Gratitude over Anger

    1. Exactly Tessa. In the moments you feel down try to pull yourself out of it but l by focusing on what’s good in your life. It’s not easy but it’ll have an amazing affect if you can do it. Thanks for the follow ❤️👍 keep your chin up, smile and try to stay positive.

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