The Affects of Optimism on Your Health and Well Being

A recent study by the Harvard Chan School of Public Health has shown a link between optimism and reduced risks from various health issues which affect our life longevity.

Seventy thousand women enrolled in the study which was conducted over a period of 8 years. The study analysed participants’ levels of optimism, plus other factors which may contribute towards how optimism may affect mortality risks such as high blood pressure, diet and physical activity.

The study concluded that the top quartile of optimistic woman had nearly 30 percent lower risk of dying from any of the diseases analysed (stroke, cancer, respiratory disease and infection) compared to those in the bottom quartile. This is a significant statistic and one we need to examine for ourselves.


I’ve met a number of people throughout my life whom are ever optimistic. Even when faced with great difficulties they assure themselves that everything will work out for the best, even if they do not initially how it will be possible. It’s that initial thinking, believing, feeling and mind imaging which sets about propelling the mind into action to find the answers and implement the plan and resources to gain the desired result.

What about those who find it difficult to find such optimism? Well, there’s usually a blame culture in effect which does not allow some people to think objectively or positively. A reason will almost always be found to counteract an optimistic outlook from the pessimists’ perspective: a job they detest; work colleagues; the government; family members, and so on. When we focus on the lack of something, we can be assured to receive just that: being frustrated; unhappy; angry; anxious….and so on.

We all have choices. From the moment we wake up we can decide how we want to feel. When someone makes a negative statement, we have the choice of how to react, if indeed reacting is the right thing to do. Is it better to walk away? It’s not your issue after all, and the more you think about it, the more you realise some people have a knack of bringing you down to their mental state. Your reaction to any situation or thought will create your mood, and your mood slowly defines the person you become. Who do you want to become? What traits do you want to develop? Do you really want to be your own worst enemy?

Start analysing what is not working for you and then decide how you want to feel and think. What would be the dream outcome? Think about the best possible outcomes and then have a plan as to how you are going to work to achieve them. Yes, it involves effort! Think about what happens when you don’t put in the effort and hopefully that’ll be enough for you to realise the importance of making and taking the time to execute a plan and start to deliver and mould the life you want. This is your life. You own it. Nobody will live it for you.

There are many uncomplicated methods to help you on your way to being optimistic, not to mention the added bonus of potentially gaining a healthier and longer life! People will view you in a different light, and often with respect and a sense of admiration. You will discover much about yourself and others too on the journey. So many lessons can be learned along the way which creates further building blocks to reach ways of doing things you never thought possible, and which bring a real sense of satisfaction and determination.

Remember, being optimistic isn’t always about being happy. It’s deciding that you’re determined to confront what the world throws at you and believe it will not get you down.  Ever be the optimist….the benefits and outcome will amaze you!



Hazel H

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