Take Control of Your Own Life

Do you ever catch yourself getting angry or frustrated at others because they haven’t done something? I mean like catching yourself complaining in your head or out loud that something that should have been done / bought / ordered / taken care of hasn’t yet.

Now think, out of those things you complained or got angry about, could you have done any of those things yourself? If the answer is Yes then what are you waiting for? Stop waiting around for other people to do things for you and go do them yourself.

Have you ever caught yourself complaining about something that needs fixed in your house, or your car needing cleaned again, or having to make your lunch when you are already running late? All of these things that you are complaining about could have been taken care of if you had just been more pro-active and organised.

It may mean getting organised and it may mean spending time doing it but if it will stop you complaining and give you a feeling of satisfaction then get up and do it. Successful people don’t wait for the negative feelings and complaints to arrive, instead they tackle the problem in it’s infancy so that it never materialises into an annoyance. Continual progress and continual action will put you ahead of the game and eliminate many negative situations.

It’s called taking responsibility for your own life. At the moment you may be unknowingly giving all that control to other people, letting them dictate your feelings or your life. It is time to stop, grab the control with both hands and take responsibility for everything you want.

From a social aspect – if you rarely get invited out with friends or when they do ask you out it’s a time you can’t make, stop moaning about it … and instead take responsibility for your social calendar and invite your buddies out to an event that you will enjoy at a time that suits you!

Instead of complaining to people because your house isn’t the way you want it stop and create a plan to get it how you would like. It’s simple and easy to do, simply start taking actions. Make a plan of the things you want done and start taking action to get them ticked off one by one.

Start taking responsibility for your own life and your own happiness … and start making things happen.

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