The Focus Wheel

I first came across The Focus Wheel just over two years ago. It is presented by Abraham-Hicks in their book “Ask and It Is Given”. It has been described by many as a very powerful process in raising your emotional set-point with immediate effect, and makes your goals become achievable.

For the uninitiated, the purpose of the Focus Wheel is to shift your focus and feelings about a particular emotion or subject into vibrational alignment with our vibrational source (or energy). By doing this, we can instantly feel better about certain things that are bothering us, and it can also bring about manifesting other desires and allow us to move forward to the position we want to be in.

Being in alignment with our vibrational source means our vibrational point of attraction is where we want it to be; we have emotions that feel good, therefore we are vibrating at a high rate, in the flow of life, aligned with Source Energy. When we experience emotions that make us feel like we are stagnant, stuck, or limited, we are vibrating at a low rate or outside the natural flow of Source Energy.

I must be honest; it did take a few attempts for me to understand how to use this process effectively and with positive effect, but once learned I have had a very high and positive conversion rate, and the outcomes have been sometimes quick and other times incredible.  Examples of this have been raising feelings from a low emotional state to a higher happier state, or by applying desires I wish to manifest in the longer term; in one case a certain amount of money that was needed for major but not urgent repairs. The money came at the right time. Remember, some things take time, and source will bring about these at the right time. There has to be an element of realism for the bigger goals.

I would like to share with you how to use the focus wheel effectively and provide an explanation of how it best works.

You can  download an app free of charge called ‘The Process Wheel’ for both Apple and Android devices, or simply draw out the Focus Wheel as described below.

The Focus Wheel

The focus wheel has a centre circle and an outer circle. There are generally 12 slots leading off the outer edge of the inner circle to the edge of the outer circle. You can create your own and have as many slots as you wish. The more you have, the deeper you go and often the better the results!

The Focus Wheel Process

It is first necessary to identify your point of attraction. Our point of attraction is how we want to feel about some emotion and/or subject. If we constantly feel dissatisfied, for example, about our daily job, then the Law of Attraction will bring forth the same emotions or circumstances which do not satisfy us because we are continually feeling dissatisfaction. Like attracts like. So, establish WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT, to know WHAT YOU DO WANT.

Your thoughts might go something like this:

  • I don’t want to feel dissatisfied in my job.
  • I don’t want to feel constantly unmotivated.
  • I don’t want to be overweight.


So, now that you’ve identified what you do not want, you’re in a position to know what you do want:

  • I want to feel satisfied in my job
  • I want to be constantly motivated.
  • I want to be lean.


Inner Circle Goal

This is the ‘what you want’ part. Personally, I do not write my goal in the inner circle first, I pencil in the goal at the top of the page. The reason for this is that I’ve found my initial point of attraction can change after completing the statements I make in the outer wheel. The feeling generally grows in potency and the desire is heightened, or just feels a truer vibrational match, therefore one that can be more readily attained. If you would rather write the statement in the inner circle then do what makes you feel comfortable.

Outer Circle Statements

Next, make statements around the outer circle, starting at 12 o’clock. This is the starting point from which you build your statements. It’s vital to make statements which feel right and are a good fit for you, not ones which you think you should write because reality or human experience tells you to do so or how you should feel. Only if it feels good to you write it down! It’s important to make more general statements. The reason for this is that if you state a goal that is too specific there is a high probability that an element of disbelief already exists and therefore you are not in vibrational alignment to your desire. For example, think about these 2 statements:

  1. I want to be lean and I know that it is coming.
  2. I want to be lean and I want to lose 30 pounds in 4 weeks time.

The first statement is a general statement and the second is specific. Unless you already know how you will lose 30 pounds in a period of four weeks, you will not be in vibrational alignment with your goal and therefore unknowingly are not in alignment to it. You are contradicting your desire.

The first statement should lead you to more good feeling thoughts, such as, ‘Lots of people have lost 30 pounds and more, therefore I can too’. Hold the statement you have written and already believe in for 17 seconds. By doing so, it will expand into a stronger belief about the same subject you are focusing on.  Keep doing this with every statement. Perhaps extend this to ‘There are lots of foods I can eat which I enjoy which will help me lose weight’ in your second statement. Don’t make big jumps from one statement to the next. It is necessary for you to gradually build up to the vibrational level you want to achieve. The important thing it has to feel true and if it raises your emotional set-up then write it down. If it doesn’t, then don’t because it’s not a vibrational match. Keep raising these good feelings until you complete the blanks.

Once you’ve completed the exercise you will be drawn to the goal which you then write in the inner focus wheel. Once it comes, write it in the centre if you haven’t done so already. Keep reading around the circle. Feel the energy vortex. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!!!!. The Universe will respond differently to you when you feel yourself in a different place. Manifestation will begin.



Hazel H

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