Your Subconscious – Your Untapped Resource

At the age of 33 I stumbled across the secrets to the full power of my subconscious mind and feel it is something that everyone should know about. I made the discovery after waking up one day in a great mood but within 15 minutes, where nothing had happened, I had become miserable. This set off an emergency alarm. For the first time I had picked up on my mood changing with no real reason.

I immediately started investigating how my subconscious impacted my general feelings. I was astounded by what I found. I discovered that my subconscious was basically like a computer that accepts everything you show it as fact and that it was fully in control of my “auto-pilot” state, which according to research is in control of your bodily functions and actions for up to 90% of the day. I talk about auto-pilot as it does things for you that you take for granted, all the basics like breathing and so much more. Have you ever driven to work and not really been conscious of what happened on the journey? I definitely have! Or have you ever been doing something and day dreaming and then your conscious kicks back in to remind you what you were actually doing? It’s like the subconscious is saying “OK, I carried you this far, you need to start focusing on the task at hand. It requires concentration for this bit”. I know I have! This is how people can pick up a guitar and start playing it, the subconscious knows how to play, it’s already been programmed in. All the skills you have that you take for granted are down the subconscious knowing that these are possible and allowing you to do them.

Up to this point of discovery I had been filling my mind with money worries, terrible negative news stories that are in the news every single day, negative talk about everything … my job, my situation, myself, my insecurities, my worries. Everything negative you can think of was getting “loaded” in and “saved” as default so it was no wonder that when the “auto-pilot” was passed controls that it regularly flew straight into a negative worrying mode!

On initial research I quickly discovered that if you feed your mind negative information, constantly complain about everything or think about your worries you are just making yourself more negative and causing yourself to find more to complain about. If you have a negative attitude and a negative programmed subconscious you will not only see all the negatives around, you’ll actually attract more and more negative things into your life.

I learned that if you tell yourself something enough and believe it to be true your subconscious will do everything in its power to make that a reality. You have to focus on the positives, feed in everything you want over and over until you fully believe everything you want is possible … and your subconscious should push you on in the direction you need to go to make things happen.

During this investigation I stumbled across old things I’d learned like affirmations, incantations (Tony Robbins) and visualisations. The law of attraction came up a few times and some more wilder ideas like how your subconscious can impact the universe and make things happen just by you believing they are possible. A little far-fetched I know and no clear proof but what is the harm in giving it a try.

The biggest few major discoveries I made were found in “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” book by Joseph Murphy (available in PDF format online). Mainly a description in the book explaining how you are the captain of your ship; that you have to tell the subconscious that the captain is in charge here and that this is what is going to happen. Search the book online and check it out, it is well worth a read.

The first thing I learned that I decided to implement was telling my subconscious exactly what I wanted and who I wanted / believed to be. I decided to set out a few goals and keep reminding myself of them by reading them over each day a few times. I also re-affirmed to myself the person I am, all the good qualities I possess. I went over and over every day until my subconscious accepted what I was stating as fact.  Once you start reminding your subconscious who you are and what you can achieve, you will be more in tune to pick up the opportunities you want … then you have to grab these opportunities with both hands. Your mind will start finding the opportunities that you desire and whispering the next step to take … but only you can make that step towards success.

Don’t think you can just focus on all the things you want and then sit back … nothing will happen if you do! Tell your subconscious the right things and it will push you in the direction you need to go to accomplish your goals but only you can take the action. You have to earn it!

Take some time to think about what you really want, not what other people say you should want … but what you truly desire for yourself. Write it all down. Write down a list of all the things you want to achieve; set time parameters for when you expect them to be delivered. The next step is to train your subconscious to go after these goals. This works, it really does if you focus on what you want enough … just don’t expect things to fall into your lap. The subconscious will kick up the solutions / theories for you … but you have to then put them into action and follow them through. That takes discipline and motivation; keep yourself motivated every day. Look at your goals and dreams every day. Force them into your subconscious and let it help you.

Use visualisations and the law of attraction if you know how to use them. These are very similar and to be used in-conjunction with the above technique of reminding yourself daily, only this time adding images into the fray. If you have a dream house, a target salary, a dream car – get a photo of it or have it written down and look at it all the time. Those moments when you pass time by glancing at your phone and press on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram – change that, and instead take a quick look at your goals in life. Take a minute to focus on what you want instead of reading over statuses you’ve read a hundred times. Plant the seed of your dreams daily and let your subconscious push you in the direction that will make them reality. Picture yourself in that house, or how you will be when your earn that salary or drive that car. Try to get a mental picture of it.

The biggest point I can make following this is that you have to feed your mind these beliefs and goals so many times. Once won’t cut it, twice isn’t enough. You have to go over these daily. Record them and listen over and over if that works for you. The best time to do this is before bed. Look at the pictures and words, look at your plan. Think about it and try to picture it. How it will look, how you will feel. Plant these seeds firmly into your subconscious before you go to sleep and let it digest the data, it will find ways to make it happen and push you to do what needs to be done. Nothing is going to fall into your lap … but if you set the goals and keep focused on them anything is possible.