Positive Mindset Techniques

Please note that these ideas are for stress before it becomes more serious depression. While these ideas can certainly be beneficial for serious levels of depression, serious depression warrants much more serious attention and remedial actions. So please bear that in mind – we are initially addressing stress before it becomes clinical depression.

If you are stressed, do one or all of these things, in whatever order that takes your fancy. These ideas can also be adapted for team development exercises.

The key to de-stressing the moment is getting away from or removing yourself from the stressor. Developing new habits, which regularly remove you and distract you from stressors and stressful situations and pressures is essentially how to manage stress on a more permanent basis.

In this modern world, it is difficult if not impossible to change stressful situations. What we can do however is change and reduce our exposure to those stressful situations.

These stress reduction ideas and techniques are based on that simple principle. These tips won’t change the situation causing the stress, but they will, more importantly, enable you to change your reaction and relationship to the stressful situations.

And in keeping with the tone of this stress tips section, and since colour is regarded by many as a factor in affecting mood, the calming shade of green is used for the headings.