How Do YOU Want To Be Remembered?

Imagine the time has come and everyone you love and know has got together to write your eulogy, what would you like to be read out to summarise your life if you had managed to live your life to the full? This might sound a bit morbid or a bit dark but if you’ve got … Continue reading How Do YOU Want To Be Remembered?

Less Complaining

If you don't like something, stop complaining about it and take the actions required to change it! Not enough money? Get on the job search for one with better money, work extra hours, find a side income, sell unwanted stuff. There's always something you can do. Not happy with your house? your social calendar? your … Continue reading Less Complaining

Being Normal

Being a geek and being different has never been so accepted ... so let loose, relax and just be yourself. The more people that embrace their uniqueness the better and more entertaining the world will be. Go for it!! 😁❤️🤪 Social Media: Blog: Twitter: @BestYouProject Gravatar: @ScottyJHam Facebook: BestYouProject Instagram: @BestYouProject

Past Year Review – Switch from Negative Dwellers to Positive Finders

As a student of positive psychology for many years I know just how powerful focus and attention can be. This new approach to any end of year Review Process came about when I thought about how some previous reviews have gone in the past and by my hunger to make this time round the most … Continue reading Past Year Review – Switch from Negative Dwellers to Positive Finders