Want Confidence? Take Action

Here’s a 2 week challenge for anyone that would like to build a little bit more confidence. Every morning before you leave the house take 5 minutes to write down 5 tasks or experiences you would like to achieve that day. Do this every morning for 2 weeks and do your best to complete each […]

Choose Gratitude over Anger

A lot of people chase things they don’t need thinking it’ll make them happy, it won’t. Instead they need to take time each day to review all the things they have to be thankful for. Celebrate your daily successes Remember what you have achieved so far Think about all the amazing things you are lucky […]

Kill Your Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety is a challenge so many of us face at one time or another. The main driver of anxiety as most of us may already know, is overthinking. Panicking about what other people are thinking or worrying about what “might” happen in the future. The thing is all those things you worry about, […]

Know Your Mood Boosters

After a pretty tough week at work filled with a lot of frustration and challenges I suddenly remembered a post I had written a few years ago on How  to Turn Your Mood Around. I think this is a great time to share the key message from that post as a reminder to us all that […]

The Comfort Zone Killer

Believe it or not, it is proven that stepping out of your comfort zone can go a long, long way to building amazing confidence and a healthy self-image if you do it often enough. We often stop ourselves from trying something new for fear of ridicule, failure or even pain but if you give in […]

The Focus Wheel

I first came across The Focus Wheel just over two years ago. It is presented by Abraham-Hicks in their book “Ask and It Is Given”. It has been described by many as a very powerful process in raising your emotional set-point with immediate effect, and makes your goals become achievable. For the uninitiated, the purpose […]

Tips Towards a Healthy Self-Image

Do you ever feel like you are pandering to other people or watching what you say because you’re worried about being put down or teased over it? Or constantly thinking of what other people think about? This post might help you get over these fears. Here’s the message in a nut shell – if you […]