Our Team

The Best You Project was started by Scott back in 2013 as a way to share useful tips that he learned on how to live a happier life and find success. As the years went past and the following grew Scott decided to add some other authors and coaches to the team and asked experienced coach and business woman Hazel to join the team in 2016. This shortly followed with Scott’s close friend Julie who joined in January 2017.

Scott J

Scott is the Founder of the Best You Project and also a freelance writer, singer and coach. He started the BYP in 2013 to share valuable life lesson he had learned through years of research and coaching others. As the BYP grew and he learned more ways to help others so he decided to write a book on the subject, which will be published hopefully later this year.

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Hazel H

It’s been a few years now since Hazel started her journey on the road to true happiness. Hazel is all about personal development that involves action, not just reading words, nor hoping or believing that good will just automatically happen. She is all about taking action which creates positive change in my life. We can all read a million words full of inspirational advice, but if we don’t act we don’t get.

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Julie B

Julie is our latest contributor to the Best You Project. She joined this team because it embodies the real-life, run-of-the mill everyday struggles that we can all relate to in some way and how with some support we are all capable of change. The biggest realisation Julie had was that there were many things in life that she couldn’t control and had to accept that in the end she could only be responsible for her own thoughts and actions.

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If you are interested in receiving one to one coaching or to possibly even join the team please contact the team through our contact page.