Hey! I’m Hazel, and welcome to BYP.

It’s been a few years now since I started my journey on the road to true happiness.  I’m all about personal development that involves action, not just reading words, nor hoping or believing that good will just automatically happen.  I’m all about taking action which creates positive change in my life. We can all read a million words full of inspirational advice, but if we don’t act we don’t get.

Any form of change requires shifting our perceptions and perspective of our current thoughts and actions into a new realm of thinking to allow satisfaction, joy and happiness become constants in our life. The good news is that once we find techniques for change that bring about joyful living, it spurs us on to achieve even more. The opportunities are limitless. It is my genuine hope that you are inspired by BYP to get motivated to be the best you can be. The good news is that even simple wisdom makes a big difference when applied, helping you to grow as a conscious human being.

I’m a business owner, dog lover, love nature, laughter, goofiness and the satisfaction and happiness gained by being with loved ones and helping others where I can. My journey in creating a better life for myself has been an eye-opener and it will never end, but I’m reaching out to it and I’m excited by it and the results I have already achieved. You can too!

With Gratitude (always!),