64% of people say social media is bad for their confidence

I recently gave up Facebook, mainly because it had become a bad habit of checking it just for the sake of checking it but also because the negative rants and nasty jibes at other people had started to outweigh the good, useful, nice or heartfelt posts so it was time to turn it off.

I have also known for some time the effects it can have on confidence and self-worth for so many and this excellent post solidifies that. Is it time you also gave up Facebook or other social media that you use too much?

The Life Of A Woman

Long gone are the days of only communicating with people face to face, it seems we are now the generation that hides behind our smartphones. From group WhatsApp chats to silly Snapchats, we are constantly in contact with people. But what affect does this have on us? Megan Aldous investigates

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