Don’t Be Afraid of Mistakes

There’s a common myth that successful people or famous stars are perfect. The truth is that nobody is perfect, everybody makes mistakes and everybody has some insecurities of some form.

Successful people actually make more mistakes than the unsuccessful … because they are willing to try things out! They are willing to fail a few times, if that’s what it takes, before they find a way that works.

The unsuccessful may not make mistakes because they are too scared or too lazy to try something new. Some even convinced they must be perfect in order to try at all.

To be a success you have to be ready to fail many times along the way. To take some hits but be prepared to carry on regardless. That level of persistence is an essential ingredient to becoming a successful person.

So I urge you to fail. Fail time and time again if you have to. It means you are trying. Know that failing and taking chances is all part of the journey. Know that you don’t need to be perfect, nobody is no matter what you tell yourself.

Free yourself from the pressure you put on yourself and go out there and give it a go!


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