Happiness is not the Destination

This quote is the same message that I shared in my first ever blog (the Realisation) and will never be truer.

Happiness is not the destination, it HAS to be a daily occurrence, it MUST be part of your journey! Getting something, a new job, more money, a new spouse … will not bring you continued happiness if you don’t already have it.

Change your attitude, actively seek out the positives in this world and spend your time focusing on those instead of joining the masses that spend their days dwelling on the negatives.

Image originally shared on thinkgrowprosper https://instagram.com/p/BANcApHj_Hg/


One thought on “Happiness is not the Destination

  1. Such an important quotation! I’ve adopted it as a bit of a mantra since last autumn when I came across the concept in Gretchen Rubin’s ‘Happiness Project’ – a helpful quotation in times of stress

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