The Power is Yours!

Tonight I had an experience that I definitely think is worth sharing. I met an old acquaintance that I ran into merely by chance, someone with life threatening anxiety attacks, and I passed on some life changing information to them to help them take more control over their anxiety. He was and is an over thinker, a worrier battling with everything negative life was throwing at him and this advice might just end up saving his life.

Tonight he confided in me he had been in hospital with a suspected heart attack recently solely down to the fact he is an over thinker … because, like I used to, he worried far too much … about everything, especially things outwith his control!

He was focusing on money worries, expecting terrible outcomes at every turn and worrying about all the bad news stories shown every day on TV.

I let him know what set me free:

  • Turn off the news – everything they show is negative.
  • Don’t get involved in complaining – it just fills your head with negativity.
  • Look at the positive – start a daily gratitude list and highlight all your successes from each day.
  • Take responsibility – stop sharing negative information with your mind (news/social media etc) and choose to share only good things.
  • Take control – you are the captain of this ship. Make everything you share with your mind positive, meaningful and start making things happen.
  • Set targets – now you are in control tell your mind what you want to achieve. Set yourself positive plans for the future.

I explained how the news is full of negative stories, every day. People being killed, murdered, raped, kids being tortured, abuse, the lot. Turn it off. It is dragging you down. Then I explained that the only person who can dictate how you feel and think is you, so you need to take charge here. Don’t let excuses or other people’s priorities set how you live – you can set your own standards and choose what you feed your mind.

And finally, and probably the most important, determine how you live. Your subconscious is like a computer that is in control of your actions at least 85% of the time. If you choose to fill it full of negative information and it will undoubtedly bring negative results. You have to change the input and start to attract positive results and feelings into your life. Give it some precise direction on where you want to go – set goals, targets, aspirations and let your subconscious mind help guide you there.

As proven by myself, and my old friend, if you tell yourself you are struggling for money you will, undoubtedly, struggle for money … as soon as you believe you are comfortable you will prove to your mind that is true … and the sooner money will come into your life. It is the same for everything, if you want success – tell yourself you have all the abilities you need to get the success you deserve and I fully believe if you’ve worked for it it’ll come your way.

Be Tough

Your subconscious really is just like a computer so you have to program it with the right beliefs – whatever you tell the back part of your mind (your subconscious) it will believe to be true. If you tell it all about how good you are enough times and with enough conviction it will start to believe it, no questions asked. It will log it in its own special system how great you are. If you tell it you are a loser who can’t do anything right it will believe that instead and going to make sure you struggle to do anything. You will go from one negative slump to the next.

The front part of your mind is the thought process, the back part is what makes basic things like driving to work an automatic result. You can programme the back part of your mind to be whatever you want it to be. Make the back positive, tell it anything is possible. Programme your mind to think that you are unstoppable and the rest of you will follow … but you have to believe it yourself. You have to step in to the automatic processes and say, here’s who I am and here’s how well I can do things!

I told this to my old school friend, that life can be better … but that’s only if he starts looking for the positives, stops worrying as much and, through my techniques, starts taking ownership of his own thoughts and finding the positives all around. My old friend couldn’t have been more happy with what I had told him. He felt an instant weight and pressure lifted from his shoulders. He understood my logic and could clearly see how it could impact his life. I could see the change he wanted and needed actually start happening in front of me. Later he would thank me again and tell me it is the best advice he has ever received.

Just use these simple steps:

  • Remove negative input – you don’t need to be exposed to that every day.
  • Focus on all the good things in your life – you’ll find an endless list of things.
  • Take control of what you want, go after it and expect to get it.
  • Create a plan that you can stick to – think about what you really want.
  • Believe you can achieve anything – set achievable goals and if you truly want then you can make it happen.
  • Programme your sub conscious better by feeding it all your plans and all your dreams – do this over and over and over, on a daily basis. Let it help make these dreams happen.

If anyone reading doesn’t quite follow what I’ve said please comment or let me know and I will try to explain how it works even more. Being the master of your own sub-conscious will change your life!


3 thoughts on “The Power is Yours!

  1. This stuff is great! And so obvious once it’s brought to your attention 🙂 I am SO different from how I was just a few years ago. I was a worrier. Now I realize that wasn’t helping Anyone! The bad stuff can still be there but it’s now a molehill instead of a mountain. That happens Purely by perspective. I’d rather my mountains be made of good stuff… like chocolate 🙂

  2. very true! especially the news and the control. i know some people who have various anxiety disorders and they wear them like a badge, they don’t see it, but they are proud of having them! whereas if they dug a bit deeper inside themselves, they would have seen that 1) this is ‘simply’ a manifestation of fear of death and 2) they need to own their fears instead of continuing to suffer

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